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AGM 2013 ForoPPP Imprimir
jueves, 27. junio 2013 Accesos : 3555

PPP Forum held its Annual General Assembly with the participation

of the Hon. Mr. Mario Garcés, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Development



On June 27th, ForoPPP held its Annual Meeting 2013, where the achievements made during 2012 and the first semester of 2013 were analyzed, the Annual Report 2012 was presented and the next actions of the Association studied.


The Closing Ceremony was carried out by Mr. Mario Garcés, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Development.


During his speech, Mr. Garcés said: "In our country we can find several examples of PPP but we cannot stop there. There is a path for the PPP growth, but not at any price. It is necessary that risk sharing does not involve a burden for the Administration, if the private management has been poor. "


In this regard, Mr. Pedro Michelena, ForoPPP Chairman, declared that "the risk distribution is at the heart of the PPP and therefore of ForoPPP. Consequently, one of our main objectives is for this sharing to be reasonable. To achieve this, we believe it necessary for the Administration to consider the opinion of the private sector before awarding the projects and to thoroughly analyze current bad experiences, in order to never repeat the same mistakes. "


In this regard, Mr. Garcés also announced the creation of an Advisory Committee where the main forums and private actors will be able to express their points of view to the Administration. This new Institution is expected to become "the channel of communication between the public and private projects."


The Assembly of Partners positively valued the balance of ForoPPP activities in previous months, which include multiple meetings with representatives of the authorities, meetings with media, conference participation, reporting, etc..

All with the aim of enhancing PPP formulas and promoting the creation of a Public PPP Unit, that would serve to achieve greater efficiency in the planning and management of public tenders without additional costs to the State.


The Event was held at the superb venue of the Fernán Núñez Palace, headquarters of the Spanish Railways Foundation, that cooperated in the organization of the Event.


 AGM ForoPPP                     AGM ForoPPP


Speakers AGM ForoPPP                     Mr. Mario Garcés



 Fernán Nuñez Palace


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