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Presentation IESE-ForoPPP of the UN PPP for Cities Centre Imprimir
miércoles, 29. abril 2015 Accesos : 3159




ForoPPP              PPSRC





IESE and ForoPPP introduce the UN "PPP for Cities" Centre


Madrid, April 29th 2015 – IESE and ForoPPP presented in Madrid the UN "PPP for Cities" Centre. Representatives of private companies and public entities related to the Public-Private Partnership area attended the Conference.

PPP for Cities is a research, innovation and advisory centre that aims to provide public administrations throughout the world with support in the organization, management and development of projects involving collaboration between the public and private sectors in the smart cities arena.

It is also a partnership platform between Companies and Administrations worldwide where they can further explore the dynamics of Public-Private Partnerships, create guides to good practices and standards and design solutions to the issues that cities are facing.

The centre is led by the IESE Business School and is part of the United Nations’ International Centre of Excellence on PPPs program. It has the support and sponsorship of the Barcelona City Council and other public Administrations and private Companies.

The headquarters of the PPP for Cities are located in the Public-Private Sector Research Centre at IESE in collaboration with the program Cities in Motion.


Lluís Torrens (Managing Director - PPSRC-IESE) welcomed the attendees and explained the global vision of the Centre and its future plans.


Joan Enric Ricart (Academic Director - PPP for Cities), analysed the changes that cities around the world are experiencing, their needs and evolutions in urban growth, mobility, IT, public services, connectivity, waste management etc.

He underlined that private companies provide help and efficiency to the Public Administration during these changes and PPP is an essential tool to achieve these transformations.


Eva Bufí (Executive Director - PPP for Cities) highlighted the importance that cooperation and memberships have for the development of PPP for Cities: the support of public Bodies, private Companies, ONG etc. will be a fundamental component of its good functioning.

Its Members will actively participate in its activities (technical workshops, conferences and fairs in the sector, research, database, network of specialized experts, designing of guides to PPP good practices etc.) and they’ll be involved in the team that will provide independent consultancy services for those cities seeking to improve their capabilities and PPP markets and will develop programs to create partnerships among cities.

The City Council of Barcelona, ForoPPP, Aedip, and CCIES are, among others, current Partners of PPP for Cities and conversations are being held with important international Entities such as World Bank y UNDP.


Pedro Michelena (Chairman - ForoPPP) emphasized the equivalence of the objectives of ForoPPP and of PPP for Cities and the importance of this new Centre to develop guidelines and ideas for PPPs in future cities.

He stressed the lack of information we experience on PPP models nowadays, even though we are currently witnessing a boom in PPPs in various areas of Smart Cities.

He also confirmed the importance of promoting the development of a new concept of “active citizen”.

Last of all, he acknowledged that for many years now ForoPPP has been promoting the creation of a Public PPP Unit, which would benefit all the parts involved in PPP projects of all sectors.


David Mellado (General Technical Secretary – Ministry of the Treasury) closed the Event by explaining the importance for the Public Administration of the “sustainability” principle: “financial sustainability” is a key tool for the Administration to be able to comply with its present and future commitments and objectives.

With this in mind, the General Technical Secretary believes in the existence of a serie of indicators that inform about the sustainability of a project prior to its development. Furthermore, he added that the Ministry works to maintain a framework for PPPs that is stable, safe and compatible with sustainable financial investments.

He concluded his presentation by underlining the significance that a future Public PPP Unit in Spain would have (as it already exists in other countries). This Office should be an independent Entity, be located within the Central Administration and supported by experts from different sectors (engineers, financers etc.).


Programme of the Conference 

PPP for Cities

Public-Private Sector Research Centre - IESE Business School
























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