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The Benefits of Public-Private Partnership for society: towards a new relational frame Imprimir
martes, 30. septiembre 2014 Accesos : 3079


The Event (held in ESADE) analysed and defined the role of PPP

in the development and advance of our society 



PPP Experts demand more transparency and

results evaluation of the different management models

in order to make them available for society


-The Speakers defended the PPP model as an ally that would contribute

to the long term sustainability of the public system


September 30th, 2014, Madrid. – “PPP demands new approaches to the Public Administration. It requires strong Governments, active Companies, clear and definite rules of the game, a strategic tender process and sustainable technical projects. Efficiency is a necessary condition for Public-Private Partnership, but in order to use all its potential the PPP has to generate value in the society.” This was the main concept behind the speech that Mónica Reig (Associate Director of the PARTNERS Programme - Governance and Public Direction Institute of ESADE) gave during the Conference “The Benefits of Public-Private Partnership for society: towards a new relational frame”, organized in Madrid by Esade, ForoPPP and KREAB.


During his inauguration speech, Enrique Verdeguer (Director - ESADE Madrid), underlined the importance of the complementarity of public and private sectors.


Jaime Olmos (Director of Public Affairs and Institutional Relations - KREAB) was the moderator of the round table “Cooperation management: key element in the relationship between public and private executives”.

Here the Speakers emphasized the concept of the compatibility in the objectives of Private Companies and Public Administration in the search of a common good.     


For Alberto de Rosa (CEO - Ribera Salud Group), “the public control has to rise along with the growth in PPP. The creation of an external and independent PPP Unit is fundamental. This Entity would analyse and compare the different sanitary models that currently exist in our National Health System; generate information that was public and accessible to the whole population and contribute with new methods to the sustainability and improvement of the quality of sanitary assistance. Our health system is without a doubt excellent, but there are some areas of its management whose improvement must be discussed.” Furthermore, he highlighted the fact that, at present, Private Companies are the ones who lead and support innovative projects in Spain, which they put at the disposal of the Public Administration and are then successfully developed.


Borja Adsuara (Digital Strategy Manager for Private Companies and Public Bodies) explained the value of PPP “as a reciprocal transfer of experience, know-how, design, performance and evaluations results.” He also underlined “the importance of making these elements public, in order to share data”.


Francesc Sancho (Strategy and Coordination Secretary of the Health Office - Cataluña Region) declared that there is presently no health system that doesn’t support Public-Private Partnership. “Citizens want to receive a good care. They are not interested in knowing who is behind it; they only want the results of its management. To achieve meeting all the citizen’s needs, there must be cooperation between the public and the private sector at an organizational, efficiency, expenses control and professional integration level”.


Pedro Michelena (Chairman - ForoPPP, multisectorial Association of PPP Experts) closed the Event and agreed with the other speakers on the necessity of possessing comparative data that prove the efficiency of the public-private model. “Within all levels of the public management, reducing the political component and raising the professional component is a necessity. The creation of a public PPP Unit, as it exists in other countries, is fundamental”. 


This Conference belongs in the PARTNERS Programme of the Governance and Public Direction Institute of ESADE. Among its objectives are exchanging ideas, sharing notions and pointing out the most relevant contributions that the private sector gives to the Public Administration by identifying the benefits of PPP for the society, the system and the citizen.


Programme of the Event (in Spanish)


Video Summary of the Conference 



Room Event     Mr. de Rosa













Mr. Michelena and Mr. Verdeguer

      Round Table


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