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“Santander: an example of Smart City” Print
Thursday, 20. March 2014 Accesos : 5118


ForoPPP invites

Mr. Iñigo de La Serna, Mayor of Santander,

to its Event

The invitation to the  Mayor of Santander to be the speaker of the Breakfast-Meeting “Santander: an example of Smart City” organized by ForoPPP on March 20th was included in the activities of our Utilities Committee.

Mr. De la Serna shared with us his experience in the Smart Cities field being the Mayor of Santander and the Chairman of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI).

He described the techniques and technologies used in services for the public in Santander and he explained how citizens can interface with the various departments of the City Council through specific webpages and APPs.

Due to its small size (compared to the other cities in Europe and worldwide that showed an interest for this type of projects), Santander is the ideal place to apply “smart technology” and to create a manageable flow of data with the aim of verifying its efficiency.

He underlined how the participation of the inhabitants is fundamental in the development of a Smart City, so much so that educating and informing people about the progresses reached in this field is of extreme importance.

He also invited private companies to cooperate and invest in his city, which is available to be a “laboratory” for the development plans of Smart and Green technology they may design.

His propose was well received by the firms, that showed a deep interest in cooperating with such an innovative city.

Both parties identified Public-Private Partnership models as an excellent tool for the growth of Smart Cities and acknowledged that the current Laws would benefit from a change that regulated the contracts and concessions field in Spain.

Please find the program of the Event available in Spanish by clicking here


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