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Associates Private Area

Historical Records of the Association

Spain was a pioneer of private participation in developing infrastructures, at first focused on highways and on the distribution of water, and then extended to other sectors (railroads, environment, etc.).


Public Work Grants played a central role as a participation tool, and will keep doing it in the future. However, the development of new models of cooperation was made necessary by the complexity of new projects; by the technological, social, environmental, financial etc. evaluations; and by the extension of the private participation to new sectors (health, social equipments etc.).


The contract of Public-Private Partnership (PPP), that requires all the involved organizations and companies (Public and Private) to show and contribute a significant know-how and to act with a common vision, was included in this situation.


Private Partnerships gradually gained importance in worldwide markets. This caused a progressive necessity for union, alliance and debate in this area, both in Private Companies and Public Bodies.


Dozens of Forums, Associations and Institutions were created to address this general need. The development of this type of Organizations is especially important in countries like Great Britain, Canada and USA, as they stand out for their weight and consideration at an international level.

In these Associations, hundreds of Members, belonging to Public Bodies and/or Private Societies, cooperate to promote Private Partnership contracts. In the European Union, dozens of Organizations with similar aims were established.


Our Association was created in 2007 (under the name ForoPPP) and was inspired by the UK´s PPPForum model. The PPPForum was founded in the United Kingdom in 2001 as an initiative of private sector companies. It was created in order to promote the advantages of PPP and PFI (Private Finance Initiative) contracts.


Foro Infraestructuras wishes to introduce this format of Association in Spain and to be the promoter of the cooperation between Public Administration and Private Companies in this field.


One of our main aims is to promote high quality projects, contributing to the development of modern and efficient public infrastructures in the Spanish territory.




Bylaws of the Association (Spanish version)

Annual Report 2007 (Spanish version)

Annual Report 2008 (Spanish version)

Annual Report 2009 (Spanish version)

Annual Report 2010 (Spanish version)

Annual Report 2011 (Spanish version)

Annual Report 2012 (Spanish version)

Annual Report 2013 (Spanish version)


Annual Report 2014 (Spanish version)


Annual Report 2015 (Spanish version)


Annual Report 2016 (Spanish version)


Annual Report 2017 (Spanish version)


Board of Directors


Mr. Pedro Michelena - Founding Member

Vice President:
Mr. Francisco Gómez (Clearwater International - Founding Member)

Mr. Fernando Igartua (Gómez Acebo & Pombo - Founding Member)

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