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Our Committees are the engine that originates and develops the opinion of the Association.

The experts that form them come from different areas and they meet periodically to study and analyze interesting topics concerning the infrastructure field.

The results of these studies are compiled in reports, evaluations and technical documents and presented to the Public Administration in several events we organized.


At the moment, there are six Committees in our Association:


Water Committee

Given the importance of this sector and the growing interest in water projects of the Central Government and the autonomic and local authorities, this group was created in 2008.

It is formed by representatives of companies specialized in the management of water and in the design, construction, exploitation and total management of the cycle of water.


Utilities Committee

This group was created in 2012 and it’s in charge of analyzing, from a technical and commercial point of view, the current situation of infrastructures in Spain.

Furthermore, it evaluates future projects in the areas of Welfare, Defense, Education, Justice, Internal Affairs and Health.


Financial Committee

Since its creation, right after our establishment in 2007, the aim of the Financial Committee has been to examine, compare and spread the actions realized in Spain and in other countries in the infrastructure field and to give guidelines about the possible “financeable” projects in the current situation. Among other topics, it studies the financial instruments of the sector and the influence in the expropriation risks in project financing.


Legal Committee

The Legal Committee, also created in 2007, aims to obtain legal security in the instruments for tendering and contracting.

It’s in charge of studying the standardization of infrastructure contracts and -for instance- it worked together with the Financial Committee on evaluating the Drafts of the Law on Attraction of Financing or the sectorial adaptation of IFRIC12.


Transport Committee

The analysis carried out by this group, formed in 2011 from the union of the Technical and Railroads Committee, covers the whole transport sector at a national and European level.

The Technical Committee (set up in 2007) studied, selected, proposed and debated topics of interest around technical issues, as the analysis of availability payments, PPP in Spanish education system or the tender conditions of the hospitals last built in the Madrid region.

The Railroads Committee was founded in the first semester of 2010, due to the great interest created by the Extraordinary Infrastructures Plan of the Ministry of Public Works. Its members, experts in a wide range of areas in this specific field (technical, legal, financial and consultant), studied the best and most efficient alternatives to execute transport projects.



The Communication Group is formed by communication experts of our Members. This Group compiles documents focused on a more complete understanding of projects in the media and the general public and on helping our members’ communication teams in their daily tasks. It aims to create communication synergies between our Members; to have a “picture” about communication on infrastructures in Spain and to unify the messages about it.

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